Is it time? Time for you to start hosting your own highly profitable, content-rich events that transform people’s lives and at the same time, lead to filling your new high-end coaching, mastermind and mentorship programs?

event profit secretsIf YES, I’d like to teach you my secrets for 5-, 6- and 7-figure paydays while making the difference you were put on this planet to make!

You see, I’ve cracked the code on how to structure and lead live events that give great value and enjoy great profits at the same time! Best yet, I’ve now tested it — for my own business and my clients, and even beginners are hitting it out of the park with events in their living rooms!

In fact, over the last 5 years, I’ve hosted 11 SOLD OUT, 7-figure events! Our events have grossed as much as $2.5 million… and we get hundreds of letters from participants, saying it was the BEST event they’d ever attended!

Event Profit Secrets grads all over the world are having MULTIPLE 5-, 6- and 7-figure, content-rich events and are loving having their high-end groups filled for the year!

For instance:

* One recent Event Profit Secrets grad invited 4 people to her living room and ended up making $66,000 in sales. She then invited another 5 people a month later and made an additional $27,000.

* Another hosted her first event and had 10 people in the room — she ended up grossing $165,000. Eight invested in her live training and the other two bought the video we showed her how to offer.

* And a third student hosted an event with 8 people and ended up walking away with $52,000.

And the best part is these stories are just the tip of the iceburg!

If you’d like to learn my secrets, here’s your chance. I’m going to peel back the curtain and reveal ALL my strategies for planning, structuring and marketing highly successful events that lead to filling your high-end mastermind, mentorship or coaching programs with your ideal clients.

Event Profit Secrets Virtual Bootcamp – 1st Quarter 2017

“I converted 25% of the room… It went without a flaw!”

Karen Leggett

“At my last event, The ART of Balancing Hormones, I used Lisa Sasevich’s Event Profit Secrets system without deviation – and it went without a flaw. It flowed perfectly, without the attendees realizing the work that had taken place before the event, and the work going on behind the scenes.

When I made my offer, I felt confident, poised, and secure … I converted 25% of the attendees. Even better, each one of my new Women’s Hormone Specialist Mentorship members is an incredibly beautiful person I am excited about working with.

And the proof of this event’s success is in the numbers: It cost me $8000 to put the conference on, and I charged each of the 21 attendees $600 to attend. Of those, 6 women joined me for my first mentorship program at $8000 each. And ALL of them rejoined me for another 6 months at $4000 each. These enrollment fees are virtually all profits, since it costs me almost nothing to provide my 2 monthly webinars and Facebook forum (the only expense for me is the retreat I happily provide my members once every 6 months).

Thanks to Lisa’s guidance in Event Profit Secrets, I’ve recently decided to pursue another lifelong goal: to become a rural doctor in an underserved community. Meanwhile, I can continue to serve my ideal clients – nurse practitioners who serve middle-aged women – and am considering starting a franchise to help them run their businesses. This is totally different than I had originally set out to do … but what did come out of it was that it ended up being the right thing.”

Karen Leggett
The Women’s Midlife Specialist

“The event was a huge success and resulted in $150,000 in revenue”

Nathalie Lussier“Before attending Event Profit Secrets, I knew that I wanted to hold a live event but I was getting stuck in all the details and fears that keep so many of us from taking action.

As a direct result of what I learned from Lisa, I picked a date for my event and 3 months later I was standing on my own stage at Off The Charts Live in front of 80 amazing women entrepreneurs.

The event was a huge success, and resulted in over $150,000 of revenue, and we were able to raise money for a cause that’s near and dear to my heart. Thanks to Lisa and Event Profit Secrets, I’m a convert to the power of bringing people together for live events!”

Nathalie Lussier
Digital Business Strategist

“I brought in six figures at our first event!”

Tara Marino“After attending your Event Profit Secrets, I had the knowledge and tools to bring in six figures in my first event! What is even more amazing is only 37 women attended the event!

Your simple tips supported me by giving me the confidence I required to hold our first-ever live event, and one simple tweak on our event promise solidified what we are truly about. Thank you for inspiring us to think big.”

Tara Marino
Creator of FemmeTypes™

Event Profit Secrets is for you if:

back of the room rushYou’ve been teaching from other people’s stages or speaking-to-sell and you know it’s time to cash in on your mojo and be on your own stage

You’re already hosting events and while you love doing them you struggle with them too — they’re stressful to put on, tough to fill, profits are slim and you want to know the formula to get the BIG paydays and make all this time and effort worthwhile.

You know it’s your time to step into the spotlight and bring your tribe together for your deeper teachings, and the best way to do that is to host your own event. (But you don’t want to lose your shirt putting one on and you’re ready to learn from a master).

You’ve seen or heard about the magic Lisa creates at her own events while at the same time grossing 7-figures plus and you want to learn her secrets.

You’re ready to start your own exclusive mastermind or mentorship program and you want the details of how to design, sell and deliver it.

You want direct access to Lisa’s behind the scene’s event team as they roll out the strategies they use to “Free the Wizard” so Lisa can get on that stage and deliver her blessings. This is the key to the magic!

So, how do I do it?

lisa sasevichHow are we having this kind OF conversion?

EVERYONE has been asking me how I do it. I have been getting calls from across the globe and from some of the biggest names in the industry. How do I fill my events? How are we having this kind conversion? (Especially NOW.) How do we attract the caliber of people that are paying and coming?

I’ve been asked to speak about this. I’ve been asked to partner with people to create a product about it. But I’ve decided to do one better and create a virtual training around it.

But this is a training like no other. Not only am I going to peel back to the curtain and share EVERYTHING I know about creating, filling and hosting highly profitable live events that lead to filling your high-end coaching, mastermind and mentorship programs, but you’re going to have access to me for live coaching and Q&A so you’ll have everything you need to host your own successful, profitable event.

sassy mastermind

Are you ready to join me to learn my EXACT formula to plan, structure and fill highly profitable, content-rich events that lead to filling high-end coaching, mastermind and mentorship programs with your ideal clients and securing your ENTIRE income for the year?

As many of you know, in the last 5 years, I’ve held 11 SOLD OUT events, each grossing as much as $2.5 million…. Our Mastermind program is now over 100 members strong, most of whom are so highly committed that they paid-in-full on the spot while at my last live event. Best of all, these results happened while event attendees raved about the content and depth of transformation they received at each event.

So suffice it to say, I’ve learned a thing or two about having amazing, profitable events. And now that I’ve done it four years in a row and perfected my system and had the chance to test the system with some of my top private clients, I’m ready to share it with a select group of big players who will use it to make a big difference.

The question is, is that you?

If you join us, here’s what you’re going to walk away with:

My exact strategic plan for how I sell out my events WEEKS in advance. (No more pulling your hair out because your event isn’t filling).

How to structure your event content so it’s powerful AND leads to filling your mastermind or mentorship program. Best yet, you won’t sound sales-y or inauthentic, it will simply be an extension of the transformation your attendees are already experiencing just by being at your event.

The secret to picking the right speakers; How many, when to put them on, the contracts we use. Most people don’t realize how critical this choice is to the success and profitability of your event.

My simple Tic-Tac-Dough System! You’ll have to attend to find out what this is and how it works to maximize sales from start to finish throughout your event.

What you should and absolutely should NOT offer at your events. This is the BIGGEST mistake I see and I see it made at almost every event I attend. Worst yet, if you do this, it will cost you thousands!

My strategies for abolishing post-event collection issues. Yes, you really can keep the sales you’ve made, if you structure things right up front.

Samples of every email we use to drive our clients into events and get them so excited they share our promotional materials with their friends. Trust us, we are clearly doing A LOT you can’t see simply by pressing your nose against the glass. Be prepared to be wowed by a ton of simple yet powerful marketing brilliance!

How to create huge buzz around your event with social media and other virtual buzz-building secrets we use! (We increase our list by thousands before, during and after every event we have. Are you stepping over a massive list building opportunity?)

Huge cost-saving strategies. Yes, it IS possible to have a champagne event on a beer budget (Corona that is!) In fact, I bet this ALONE will pay for your investment because I’ll EASILY be able to shave $5,000, $10,000 or MORE from your budget.

How to build hunger and desire for your offer throughout your event. We have the most innovative ways of doing this and they are fun, simple PLUS the audience is always begging for more!

Planning your VIP party and/or VIP seating. What to do and not to do around this complicated decision. BUT if you do it correctly, it can be a profit center on its own.

And that’s just the beginning! I predict you will have so many Aha! moments that you’ll need a special notebook just to record them all!

Here’s a sneak peak of just some of what
you can expect to learn.

I’ll walk you through it on the video below or you can keep reading and take a quick glance at our detailed outline if you’re in a hurry!

Module 1: My exact steps on positioning and marketing your event so your ideal clients are clamoring to attend.

Module 2: The secrets to creating an amazing experience for your ideal clients so they not only rave about it but want to continue with you even after the event is over.

Module 3: How to leverage your time so you stay focused on your area of genius no matter what else is going on. (We call this “Free the Wizard!”)

Module 4: Filling the room – All of our obvious and not-so-obvious strategies for putting “butts in seats!” This is how we sell out our events over and over again!

Module 5: How to get your own “crystal ball” that shows you EXACTLY what your audience is looking for. You’ll be able to customize your event content and mastermind/coaching program offer to be irresistible and have a landslide of registration!

Module 6: Make sure they actually show up. It’s hard to believe, but just because they registered for your event, doesn’t mean they’ll actually be in that seat. You’ve made the sale, now get them there with our top 3 stick strategies that fill our rooms every time!

Module 7: Learn ALL of my strategies for monetizing your event a million ways from Tuesday. (I call this “Tic-Tac-Dough!”) You’ll walk away knowing EXACTLY how to structure and time your event and all of your sales and promotions for maximum profits, all without being salesy!

Module 8: What if you could expand your reach far beyond the people in the audience? I and my team of experts will show you how you can touch people’s lives all over the world without having to host another event or get on another plane. (Oh, and did we mention that this additional audience, who is not in the room, can be some of your biggest buyers?)

Module 9: How would you like to add 5- or 6-figures AFTER your event? I’ll show you 2 of the exact strategies I use to monetize my event and touch even more lives after the event is over. Most event hosts are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table and stopping far short of what’s possible. Let’s get you rockin’ with these simple, yet widely overlooked, strategies right away.

Module 10: Making your mastermind or coaching program offer from the stage. I’ll break down EXACTLY what to say, how to set it up and how to offer your amazing program to your event audience. This simple step-by-step mastermind offer formula will take all the stress out of pitching your high-ticket program so you can get up there with confidence and let your passion be the only thing that shines through.

And remember the best part? The strategies I’m going to teach you work even if you have less than 10 people in a room! In fact, here’s what some of my students who have had tiny rooms have to say:

“I generated over $165k in sales in 72 hours with ONLY 10 potential clients!”

Dr. Venus Opal Reese“I have never done a live event before and was told I needed to have a big list, marketing budget, and at least 50 potential clients in a room to make it worth all the money I was going to have to pour in to it. Thank God for EPS! Lisa’s simple, elegant, and beginner friendly system guided me every step of the way. I studied it like the Bible-and the pay-off was miraculous! I generated over $165k sales in 72 hours with 10 potential clients! And I didn’t have a big list, I still don’t have a marketing budget, and I didn’t have a whole bunch of people. What I did have was a hunger to serve and a blueprint, a proven system that empowered me to have the courage to serve my tribe, to step out and claim my space in the world-on my on terms. Thank you Lisa Sasevich for sharing your genius with the world. I am able and empowered to fulfill my destiny because you have provided me with a system to serve the people who I was meant to serve. In deep gratitude.”

Dr. Venus Opal Reese
CEO | Thought Partners International

“I closed 150% of the room and made $13,000”

Michele Gunderson“I have been getting stuck writers unstuck for over twenty years. Before taking Event Profit Secrets, I’d taught seventeen retreats and countless workshops, and never made any money at the events. I considered my first EPS-style event my practice run. With just two people in the room, I closed 150% of the room and made $13,000. For me, it was always about the service. Now I’m serving at the highest levels, have outrageously happy students, and am making money too. Thank you, Lisa! You’ve changed my life.”

Michele Gunderson
Language of Yoga

“I had 9 paid clients for my first event and have made $29K so far and am still closing sales via my email strings”

Vivian S. De Guzman“Before I went to Impact and Influence last October 2013, I was meditating and what Divine Source told me is to listen to you intently about the methods you are teaching because the tools you teach can help me grow my business. What I got from you then was more than tools because you have awakened my sense of havingness” as I know I am capable of earning $100,000 just on a weekend event.

I then invested in Event Profit Secrets to learn what to do next and I had 9 paid clients for $197 (clients of mine in energy healing who already bought from me in the past: it was like an experiment and a thank you to them).

OMG: My very first event and so far I made $29K and counting since I am still closing sales in the next 2 weeks via my email strings. My event promise was fulfilled! Look Within, Align and Get Clarity. Thank you very much.”

Vivian S. De Guzman
Human MRI

“This all sounds great Lisa, but how exactly am I going to get my hands on this powerful information?”

Great question! Here’s how it’s going to work:

event profit secrets1. You’re going to get IMMEDIATE access to our easy, online home study program. You’re going to get EVERYTHING you need, including:

• Worksheets

• Email strings

• Mastermind Offer Formula™

• Post-Event Launches (and our Post-Event Monetization Formula)

¤ Simulcast/Livestream Formula

¤ Back Stage Pass Formula

• Surveys

• Legal Agreements


2. We’re also going to ship you this beautiful product complete with all the CDs and DVDs of my last live EPS training so you can add it to your success library for years to come. (We’ve been charging $5,000 for this alone over the past few years.)

top notch networking

(Event Profit Secret grads from left to right: Kym and Sandra Yancey of eWomen Network, Janet Attwood of The Passion Test, Marcia Wieder of Dream University, Sheri McConnell of Smart Women Institute, Jeff Walker of the Product Launch Formula and Christian Mickelson of Coaches With Clients)



STS ticket FRONTSpeak-to-Sell Bootcamp LIVE

Dates: May 4-6, 2017

Location: San Diego, CA

FINALLY – a speaking training designed SPECIFICALLY for coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, experts and heart-centered entrepreneurs who are committed to providing amazing content AND ready to enjoy BIG sales results…all without being “salesy”!

No more stepping over $1,000s in missed opportunities every time you speak. No more stressful, panicked late nights struggling to create your talk and offers for your gig the next day. No more wondering when you’re going to finally get out there with your gifts and be seen!

Join Lisa as she walks you through creating a Signature Talk that effortlessly sells your core products and services in an authentic way, whether it’s virtual on teleseminars or webinars or live from the stage. Learn how to get paid well for doing what you love!

This live event will give you everything you need to take advantage of the most powerful marketing tool around – Speaking! You’ll be ready to Step Into the Spotlight with a Signature Talk that you LOVE, Irresistible Offers that Sell and all the Confidence that comes with Being Prepared!


You’re also going to get these special bonuses:

timeline generatorNEW Online Live Event Timeline Generator! This is a fill-in-the-blanks, video driven template so you’ll be able to easily figure out where to put your content, your guest speakers, your offer and more!

• Bring a team member for only $1497 ($1,000 Off!) That’s right. We know many of you are going to want to go through this training with another set of eyes and a second brain with you to mastermind about all of the innovative strategies you learn to design, fill and run your own event that leads into your mastermind program.

Many people will want to bring the person who will be handling the event logistics while they are on stage doing what they do best. This is your chance for both of you to work through the training for a FRACTION of the price.


You’re also protected by my Sassy “I love this training” Guarantee.

Sassy GuaranteeWe’re confident that when you dig in to the Event Profit Secrets training, you’re going to be thrilled. We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a life-transforming experience.

Just to back that up, if you are not completely blown away after reviewing this training, simply contact us within 30 days of receiving access to the digital product and we’ll refund your investment.


“This has been my most profitable and CREATIVE year of service to date.”

Andrea J. Lee“Using Lisa’s formula, I held not one, but TWO live events in 2010 for the first time. Each one led to powerful and rewarding work with clients I love, and – at more than half a million gross income from the events alone – has led to the most profitable and CREATIVE year of service in my business to date. With 10 years in the business, I know first-hand how many missed opportunities and pitfalls there can be within the ecosystem of a live event. My sense of calm and joy about future live events is enormous!”

Andrea J. Lee
CEO | Thought Partners International

“I could have earned extra millions with Lisa’s system.”

Robert Allen“Hi, my name is Robert Allen, author of some New York Times Bestsellers you might have heard of….Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, The One Minute …my books have sold in the millions and I’ve been teaching people how to create multiple streams of income for over 30 years.

One of my favorite streams is exactly what Lisa Sasevich is teaching so brilliantly. I call it Info-Preneuring…being an information entrepreneur. Lisa calls it how to make Big, Fast Money from your expertise without being salesy. I think I like HER title better.

I wish I’d had Lisa’s incredible system when I got started. It would have cut years off my success journey and saved me a fortune in mistakes. Not to mention the extra millions I could have earned.

How can I say this strongly enough? If you want to make BIG, FAST money from your expertise…don’t miss this upcoming training!!!!!!!”

Robert Allen
Best Selling Author

checkYes Lisa! I’m ready to have my own highly-profitable, content-rich, sold-out events!

I’ll receive:

  1. An invitation to the Event Profit Secrets Virtual Bootcamp – 1st Quarter 2017
  2. IMMEDIATE access to the digital product so I can dig in right away and start devouring this exclusive training
  3. The Complete Event Profit Secrets DVD/CD package delivered right to my door
  4. Special Bonus: Bring a Friend for $1497

And I know I’m protected by the Sassy “I Love this Training” Guarantee.

Plus 5 more payments of $897.50

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BEST OFFER: $5000 (save an additional ($385)

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lisa sasevichIf you do the math, you’ll see how easy it will be to make your investment back. Between my strategies for making your first event highly profitable (not to mention my budgeting strategies) plus knowing my secrets for filling your high-end mastermind or mentorship program so you have a consistent cash-flow over the next 12 months (imagine securing your ENTIRE year’s income for the year in ONE weekend), you can more than make your investment back from JUST ONE registration into YOUR mastermind or mentorship program at your very first event!


lisa sasevich


P.S. Look, let me be honest here. It doesn’t matter to me if you invest in this program or not. It DOES, however, matter to me that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, Reserve your spot and learn my system for creating 5-, 6- and 7-figure paydays through the magic of hosting your own events!

P.P.S. Please note that you only have a limited time to invest in my easy payment plans. If you’re ready to move forward in your business, and you want an easy payment plan, then reserve your space while you can!

“I had a $2300 per buyer average conversion in the room”

Sue Paananen“I did my first EPS style 3-day event recently, and I had a $2300 per buyer average conversion in the room for my program, making 5 figures. I also raised $314 per buyer for the event beneficiary, and $500 per buyer for the speakers. I can’t wait to do it again with bigger numbers – my confidence level to do this has increased 100%. It was SO much more fun than I ever anticipated, and I’m really looking forward to the next one with excitement, not fear. Lisa’s model was such a welcome blueprint to follow, making the planning much easier. I understood the 3 day, 3 speaker model much better, to have the audience bond together and bond to you, increasing higher level conversion and a bonded community, improving participation and alumni programs.”

Sue Paananen
Eek! I need a geek!

“I made $40,000 with 25 amazing women”

Tracy Lee Jones“SO excited to share that last weekend I hosted my first live event with 25 amazing women- I followed the Event Profit Secrets formula and launched my first high-end mastermind and made $40,000!! Wooohooo!! Feels AWESOME. 2014 is going to be EPIC!!”

Tracy Lee Jones
The Feminine Business Model

Ready to reserve your spot?
Or do you still have a few questions?

Q: I’m not all that interested in hosting an event but I AM interested in filling high-end coaching, mastermind or mentoring programs. Do I really need to do an event to sell those or can’t I just do it online?

A: If you want to sell high-end coaching, mastermind or mentoring programs, hands down having your own event is the way to fill it. Trying to fill them using the teleclasses and the Internet will take you MUCH longer (if you’re even able to fill it that is).

I know thinking about having an event can be scary, but the benefits FAR outweigh the risks (if you know how to do an event right that is — which is what I’m going to teach you at Event Profit Secrets). Imagine — making your ENTIRE year’s income in ONE weekend. Even more than that, your high-end coaching, mastermind or mentoring programs are FILLED, so you can focus your energy on serving at the highest level these amazing, committed clients. You get to relax into the joy of coaching people who are deeply invested and ready to take action and get results with your guidance. (And NO more prospecting!)

That’s what having an event can do for you.

Q: I’m just starting out and am not quite ready to have my first event — is “Event Profit Secrets” right for me?

A: If done well, having an event is THE fastest way to have a quantum leap in your business and your mojo in your industry.

Don’t get me wrong; it takes work to pull it off, but with some committed, focused energy and the proven formula I’ll share with you, you are stacking your odds of experiencing huge success.

But don’t believe me, let’s work the numbers. Last year I had 400 people in the room and did $2.4 Million in business (not including nearly $100,000 in charitable contributions for our event beneficiary). Let’s say you do 10% of what I do. You fill a room with 40 attendees and end up with $240,000 in business.

Would that be alright with you?

What if you only brought in 20 attendees and your conversion results where only half as good as mine. Would $120,000 from a single event make a difference in your life and business?

Would that kind of outcome make it worth investing in yourself to learn my secrets for planning, structuring, and marketing 6-and 7-figure events that lead to filling your own high-end mentorship and mastermind programs?

And if you’re wondering — YES you CAN make that kind of money in rooms of that size. I’ve had client after client who have had less than a dozen people in a room and STILL made multiple 5- and even 6-figures. They did it by following the Event Profit Secrets step-by-step system — and I hope you see by now, the same kind of success is totally possible for you!

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